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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Industries

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Recent Years

Artificial intelligence is for sure the future of every industry. It is going to be the most important tool to change the world and have the greatest impact in the history of mankind.AI is acting as a technology innovator using emerging technologies like data science, robotics, IoT, machine learning. We can see applications of AI in our smart devices watches, cars, healthcare systems.AI as the game-changing technology of industry 4.0. The main objective of AI is to make computers perform tasks like decision making, problem-solving, and understanding human communication. Machines are designed and programmed according to the needs of the particular.

Importance of Artificial  Intelligence

AI is designed in a way to grow the manufacturing sector. It will help to shorten design time, manufacturing, quality control, improve productivity, predictive maintenance, and more. It will help in quality checks, supply chain management, prediction of failure modes, improving customers service.

Al can help the manufacturers know if the functional machine fails so that its maintenance and repair can be scheduled before failure occurs. With the help of AI, the manufacturing process can be made more efficient and will help to reduce energy consumption.
It will help industries in

1.Defect detection
2.Quality assurance
3.Generative design

It can help banks in enhancing employee and customer experience to improve back-office operations. It can help companies in cost-saving. AI has a significant role in sectors like healthcare, education, banking, and finance.
AI robots help in porting and packing products in warehouses.
AI has various applications in sectors like transportation, education, sports, healthcare, politics, banks, and finance, etc. Today 60% of companies are using AI technology.
Many companies can be benefited using the machine learning algorithms of AI.
No doubt AI is the Future and core element for the growth of manufacturing.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

In the future factories will work smart with help of AI technologies and empower workers to work smart. According to future analysis, AI technologies will increase production up to 40% in all sectors including manufacturing. With the help of AI, manufacturing companies can grow up to 45% by 2035. AI is already transforming the manufacturing sector in many ways. Let’s have look at some of its use cases¬†

Artificial Intelligence in Quality Management

It’s sometimes difficult for humans to check small flaws in products. AI-powered technologies are equipped with cameras and sensors many times sensitive than human eyes. Through these cameras and sensors, alerts can be sent to the inspectors making error detection tasks easier and time-consuming.

Predictive Maintenance Tools

With the help of AI-equipped technology, we can easily find an area or part of the machine that needs to be checked. Predictive Maintenance helps companies to get alert when a machine needs maintenance. Using machine learning algorithms of AI failures or dis-functioning of machines can be easily detected. Machine issues can be resolved using cameras, sensors which can time to time give alerts to the workers. IoT is a core element of predictive maintenance. examples-Infrared Technology, Oil Analysis, Motor Circuit Analysis.

Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence

To solve a particular problem programs are build using generative design. Design alternatives are created by engineers and designers. The input design goals into generative design software. Using machine learning algorithms through each iteration of these designs they learn what works and what doesn’t.

Human creativity can never be replaced. AI can help in building products and accelerating the process of production thus helping in advancing business in a short span. For example, you have countless ways of designing tables. Your input parameters four legs, weight, materials, height etc.AI in no time can give 100 ways a table can be designed whereas it may take a lot of time for humans to do the same. It will help in improving the efficiency of processes.

Digital Twins Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Digital twins use computer programs and big data which help manufacturers to understand of products and processes work. Product, Production, and Performance are different types of digital twins. 

How Artificial Intelligence can enable a Sustainable Future

AI will help in reducing energy consumption. It will help in reducing harm to the environment. It will help in reducing waste generation.

Why is Data Important to Artificial Intelligence

Big data can be used in manufacturing. The vast amount of data related to operations, marketing, processes can help manufacturers to improve business. Data like product quality, demand, and supply, product maintenance.

Why is Data Important to Artificial Intelligence

Robots have replaced humans in manufacturing. Robots are designed with programs to perform a specific task. Recently using CAD robot models programming can be eliminated. These robots are used in the manufacturing and packaging of products without being programmed.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Customer service is a core element of every business. Using AI technology and big data customers’ requirements, interest can be analyzed which can help in growing business and satisfying customers’ needs. Issues can be found and improvements can be done accordingly. In this way, AI can help in improving customer services.



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