We Are Building Strong Ecosystem of MSMEs & Startups!

We believe that the growth of the nation starts with the grassroot development of the MSMEs and Startups. Most of the empowerment is required in India is at the bottom level of enterprises.

Considering the same mission, Stalwart Research is operating with the Mantra of Empowering MSMEs & Startups with cutting edge technologies for vertical growth.

We have worked with 15+ SMEs and Startups delivering more than 20 projects within the timeline and economic budget in order to make it affordable and implementable for SMEs & Startups.

We started off in 2017 with an e-commerce development assignment from a startup. Started with a team of 3 and worked upto the team of 11 members and 18 allied outsourcing partners, we have grown a lot.

Stalwart Research has been a part of various Entrepreneurship Summits, Startup Meetups and various business conferences. Since then, the connections and reputation of Stalwart Research has been growing and in return the stakeholders supporting us for our mission of empowering MSMEs.

Founder, Mr. Abhijeet Vibhandik, founded this company to solve the pressing issues from SMEs. Further we expanded our services to bigger companies as well in order to gain more stakeholders in the closed circle.

While we are still exploring way to grow in this sector, we are open for seniors from this industry to guide us and join our advisory panel. Because we believe in the philosophy of Kaizen, i.e. continuous improvement.